So at first I said "I'm never blogging again." "Im never writing again." But then I realized how many people I have  already helped in the last month. Its been a month since I started "Eating the food" A month since I realized I had a "problem" and a whirlwind of a month it has been. I've had so many people message me, email me, ask me questions and encourage me. Yesterday my roommate said  "Its really good to see you going back to the gym" I was so exhausted and starved that I didn't work out. I actually haven't lifted in about 8 months. I would lift and then be brain dead and exhausted so I thought I just had to still take a longer break,  because my body still wasn't ready for it..when in all reality I needed to eat the freakin' food. I've upped my calories and added food groups back in that I hadn't been eating for a while, like starchy tubers, all fruit, some nuts, chocolate and peanut butter. I think peanut butter needs to be its own food group, for real. And don't tell me about the mold its grown in, or the fact that its a "legume" or the lectins it has. You aren't the paleo police, and neither am I. Plus I buy organic peanut butter so hush. Im listening to what my body is craving, what I really want to eat. I am basing my meals on REAL food, of protein, healthy fat, veggies, fruit and some  starchy carbs when I want them. I'm over peanut butter.. Im actually pretty sick of peanut butter, and chocolate doesn't even tempt me. Funny how things change once you take the "restraints" off. I don't really flat out walk around saying "Hey, I have an eating disorder that I'm over coming... " It just seems to be brought up at the right time.. Like when about two weeks ago I was sitting outside at work bawling like a baby. Just CRYING. A good friend that I've worked with for the last five years came outside and immediately dropped everything and just hugged me.. Just hugged me. Thats all. I mumbled something about "How I got too far into this whole paleo thing" ...Then she prayed for me. And at that moment thats all I needed. I needed a friend and I needed prayer. My dad has talked me off the cliff I don't know how many times and my mom has just brought the love. If there is one thing about those two is they love like no other. My dad kissed me on the forehead last week and said "I had an extra one of those" and when my mom hugs me I know she's silently praying for me and she always lets me leave the house with her saying "I love you more!" I've gotten texts from certain "paleo" friends saying " Thanks for your advice, I started eating more and I feel way better!" That encourages me way more then anything else.  I've learned to be an open book. Take me or leave me. Im still me. No matter what. None of this has been easy. I've had breakdowns, called into work just so I could go spend the day with my mom. She met me in the driveway, Probably from a motherly sense that she new I was there. I was crying of course, and I said "I can't do it" She said. "Yes. YOU CAN. There is NO other option."  And she is right. There is no other option. I've quit a job and decided not to go to nutrition school. All  these things are part of me healing. Yes, Im still eating a "paleo" type template. But Im not mad at myself for eating oatmeal once in a while before I lift because Im sick of sweet potatoes. Im not going to be mad at myself for going on a date and eating sushi and having a glass of wine..Or two. This is real life. And I have to live it. Sometimes its scary and I freak out. But its a process that I have to go through. I've learned to start loving me for me. I've learned to see people through a different light, through different eyes and through a different heart. I am around SO many beautiful women all day every day. And I have been telling them how amazing they are and how beautiful they are because honestly I don't think they hear it enough. I don't think we hear how beautiful someone thinks we are enough. We hear society telling us we are fat, ugly and stupid. Some of these things may have come from depression or sadness from loosing my best friend to suicide almost two years ago. Some of us "dive" into "other" things to drown our sorrows and maybe thats what happened to me. Im not sure.  This is about health. And health comes from happiness, love and living life. So for now I'm not sure I am going to see a counselor for disordered eating. Like I said, its been a month and a whirlwind of a month that has been. I want to keep living as normal of a life as possible and if I need it, I happen to have an uncle who is also my pastor who used to work with eating disorders.. How convenient (God). Some say I need a neutral party for counseling. Some say I need an anti depressant. But they aren't me, they don't know what I really need until I tell them what I need. My anti depressant is laughing with my roommate, going for walks with my dad and writing. A "neutral" party to me is going to talk about mother earth and father time.. And Im gonna be all "What happened to Jesus Christ?"... I know what I need. And when I don't know anymore thats normally when a break through happens and life changes and I figure it out all over again. I feel like Im learning to walk again, with brand new feet and a brand new heart. For now, Im eating the food. The real food. Im lifting heavy, because I love it. Im starting to "date" again, which I've never been a fan of and yes Im still trying to convince my dad to pick a husband for me. Im pretty sure he would pick a good one! They would probably have to go through an obstacle of changing flat tires, putting furniture together, shooting guns and kissing me on the forehead all while giving a detailed explanation about how amazing I am. Hey, whatever works right? (I'll get an eye roll from my pops for that one!) But I think Im on my own, But don't get me wrong. Im sure I'll have an obstacle course of my own one day.  Im learning a lot about this so called life, and what its all about. So until next time. Ill be around...

X To The O

I dont exactly know where to start. Or exactly what to say. To put it gently... I've "broken up with Paleo" Yes, Im still eating "paleo" but I am referring to it as "real food". I will no longer be associated with the word "paleo" I am NOT paleo. Im Sarah Sisk, and I eat real food. This has come after a long four years of struggles. Struggles with my health in all aspects. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I have faced the fact that I have an eating disorder... Yes, you did read that right. And eating disorder. I don't really know how I even realized it. But it just hit me one day. And its been a whirlwind ever since. It was about a week or so ago... I don't even remember at this point.   I don't remember who the first personal I told was. I remember the person who helped me realize it. And her treasure is in heaven. Because obviously it was her will in this life to help me realize it, and that will glorify God. I think she may know who she is but Im not sure. It was a Friday night when I started to realize things and by Saturday night I knew I had a problem. I started typing on my note pad of what I was going to say to my friends and family.. This is what came out......

" This sounds really weird, and its really hard for me to admit it and face it and so something about it. But I have and eating disorder, like a paleo eating disorder or something. Im scared to eat any form of carbohydrate because the paleo world makes you believe that carbs will make you gain weight. Im scared to eat fruit, raw honey, maple syrup, molasses etc because they are all "sugar"... that "makes you gain weight" I've gotten to the point about a year and a half ago where I would only eat two servings of vegetables a day because I was trying to go super low carb in order to loose weight. When in all reality I think my body is holding on to weight because it thinks its starving. I workout hard and I move all day for work and I burn tons of calories but I dont eat enough because Im scared of food. Im scared of real food. Im scared that fruit will make me gain weight or that sweet potatos will make me gain weight because of the carbs. Im severely under eating. My sleep started suffering about two years ago and after research I learned its because of being so low carb. All of my  adrenal and thyroid problems started about 4 years ago when I was working out like a crazy person, eating no fat and eating about 1300 calories a day because I wanted to loose a couple.. yea COUPLE pounds. When the weight didn't budge I went harder in the gym and ate less. about a year after that, I crashed. Adrenal crash, thyroid crash, hormone crash. Everything. My acne has been bad ever since I started restricting (I used to have flawless, no need for makeup skin) Severe restriction, I believe, lead to lowering my thyroid, my metabolism and messing up all of my hormones. And now, today, after four years of what I thought was healing, Im still dealing with stubborn weight loss, sleep issues, acne, brittle dry falling out hair, headaches, no energy, poor digestion, all I want to do is sleep and low blood sugar. This might sound crazy but last week I had suicidal thoughts. I felt like I couldn't do it anymore, I couldn't live like this. I was thinking about how I could end it.  And that scared me. I went to dinner with a friend who is part of the "real food"  community and she said that she started to get to where she would look at fruit and see "fat gain" . I almost feel brainwashed by the paleo community. I bought a book and got added to a group on Facebook of women who are all going through the same thing. All recovering from some type of eating disorder brought on by "dietary dogma". Im so lost and I dont know where to start. I got so caught up in paleo that I think I hurt myself worse then actually healed myself. I feel like I can't tell anyone because they will just force feed me McDonalds. Food quality still matters to me. I need to learn to eat all the real food. All the food that God made. Its hard because I dont "look" like I have an eating disorder. I have extra fat and sometimes people don't think you have a problem until you look super skinny or anorexic. I am looking into my options for Eating Disorder treatment. I am seeing what I can and can't do on my own at this point. But I am having anxiety and I cry.. A lot. My parents have been amazing and I couldn't do this with out them."
  So that is what came out. I would edit it and add things for each individual person that I would send it to. I couldn't actually say it out loud so I had to text it or email it to people. Im only about a week into eating all the real food. And to say the least its been the hardest week of my life. Im having panic, anxiety, emotions that I never thought I had. My body is puffy and swollen (which is normal for someone coming out of starvation. Its just water retention) I dont want to be around people at all. Im having a little bit of depression, flu like symptoms, joint pain and fatigue. This is all a part of the process. Low carb and starvation is like the "drug" when you dont do the "drug" anymore you go through withdraw from the "drug" .. typical with draw symptoms I am having. Then you wanna do the "drug" again to make the pain go away. Im still working and trying to go on with real life, but it is hard. I ate a bowl of oatmeal the other morning and then cried my whole way to work. I never thought that this would happen. But it did and I am dealing with it. I know I have to eat the food. really EAT THE FOOD. Physically I can eat, mentally I cant. One thing is, I am sleeping. I want to sleep all the time, but I am sleeping. I promised myself that I wouldn't weigh myself anymore. If I gain a few pounds in order for my body to heal, then so be it. I may feel uncomfortable yes, But genetically my body doesn't want to be 200 pounds, I was super small my whole life, eating whatever the french I wanted until this happened. My body WILL go back to normal once it is healed. And this is a risk I am willing to take. I want to be free from the chains of food, I want to live again. My friends saw it way before me. A friend of mine said " you walk around like a zombie, you have no energy and are starving, I can SEE it, But I knew how passionate you were about your "paleo" so I didn't say anything". Another friend who used to work in the psych ward at a hospital in the eating disorder floor  and who is also paleo, said "I knew you had and eating disorder a long time ago, lets talk in person" Dad said he "saw it" Mom said she "saw it" people saw it. But until I "saw it" Im sure I wouldn't have listened to any of them. 

Im adding more fruit and more sweet potato and more food in general. I never thought I would be to where I had to EAT ALL THE FOOD and be scared of it. But I am. And the fact that I am feeling terrible from it (which is normal, so I dont wanna hear any paleo person say anything about carbs causing inflammation) is really hard too. My friends are being really supportive even if its just to text me and ask how Im doing, or take me to a movie or go rock climbing with me. Its going to be a process and it will take time. But  I am doing it. I went grocery shopping on Sunday. I prayed before I went in, because I had no "list" of what foods were the lowest in carbs or my "fat loss meal plan" I just went in and bought the real food. I spent about an hour in there because I would pick something up and look at it and then put it back down and then go back for it and then put it in the cart. This happened with melon, dried prunes, nuts, grass fed butter ,Chicken thighs, unsweetened dried cherries, watermelon and almond butter. Those are all real food that I had not been eating for a while. Every morning I wake up with anxiety and I cry atleast once through out the day. By the end of the day Im spent and just sleep. I am still moving and walking. I will try to start yoga and a little weight training next week. But my body is healing. I have been reading information and studies about how carbs and sugar can be good for you, can be therapeutic and good for the thyroid and hormone function. Ive been reading about how keto, low carb, etc can be really hard on your metabolism and hormones. Every bit of info that helps me I will read. 

For now I am taking a step back. I am not going to nutrition school in the summer like I planned on. And I am taking a step back from blogging. In the midst of this all I forgot that I actually have hobbies. Yes health and fitness is a hobby of mine, but when I really think about it.. I play the violin, I love to read mystery books, I love doing hair, I love fashion. I love restoring vintage furniture. (Yes mom, we will be doing this for my new place this summer.  I know you're reading) I have an amazing camera, that I never learned to used because I was so caught up in my "illness and nutrition" I love photography. I love going to car shows with my dad and the drag strip with my ridiculously funny, race car smelling, eating all the crappy food  (which I could give a shit about) guy friends. I want to learn to paint on canvas and have been saying it for years. And I also want to eat all the real food and lift all the heavy things and do yoga and kayak and rock climb and hike. I want to play outside and sleep in the sun. Not for weight loss. But because I love it. 

This is not a sickness to be taken lightly and if you feel you know someone who is suffering please help them get help. If you would like to know what book I am reading, what blogs I am reading for some great "no dogma" health advice, what group I belong to on facebook, please feel free to ask me. Dont send me studies of how low carb is better or how sugar is the devil. I will not read it, because I have already read it before. I am breaking free from being suffocated by food. Ill still be around, so if you need me, Im here. But Im hiding and being selfish and working on my self. For once Im not trying to "save the world" and thats okay. I would rather still be alive. Because I was literally starving to death. 

Also, I am doing blood work to check thyroid levels again because they came back low and showed some antibodies. I believe that this will all level out once I start healing. The body can not heal if you don't give it what it NEEDS.
In the last four years I have done.. 

To this day I have done 9 Dietary theories. All "restricting" in some form.

Im embarrassed  Its obvious that I was looking for my  "Cure". When in all reality, I was just starving. Leaving out whole real food groups is not necessary for life, vitality and health. 
Thats all folks. 
Be blessed. 
And remember to tell your "mountain" how big your God is. Not the other way around. 
The first of the month seems like a good place to start over...Right? I just spent 6 days in Texas with some great friends. Lindsay (Who is going to be my business partner for healthfaithpaleo.com) and I met for the very first time in Austin Texas and then went to Paleo FX 2013 together. We are convinced that we are "soul" sisters. Both Jesus loving, Hashimotos disease suffering, adrenal fatigue battling, paleo lifestyle freaks. We have way too much fun together and we totally get each other. We kept it paleo by prepping food the night before the conferences. Breakfast lunch and dinner was planned. We ate out at Chipotle once, Outback steakhouse once, and the rest was shopped for and prepped by one of us. I think the best part of the entire trip was that she totally gets me. 100% gets me. There wasn't one thing that I said that I had to explain or teach her because she already knew. Some people might think that its "weird" or "skeptical" that we met "online" (Lindsay found this blog, sent me and email and we ended up talking every day for 6 months before we actually met) I think its God that we met. She helps me when I am low and I help her when she is low. Im home in WI now, and she is back in Houston. Needless to say we are missing each other like crazy. Our last day together we came up with Goals. Lifestyle goals. While at the conference it seemed like most of the topics were "Adrenal Fatigue" something that we both suffer from and its very very hard to correct. But the thing that most stuck out to us is that once diet is in check, its in check. Once supplements are in check, they are in check. But there could be something thats still stressing you out that is still contributing to the SICKNESS, the hormonal imbalance and the stress inducing cortisol(too high or too low) production. And that is lifestyle. I can sit here and say that my life isn't stressful. Ive got this whole paleo food, fitness and lifestyle down to a T. Its easy for me to whip up a weeks worth of paleo foods that I love to eat. Its easy for me to brush my teeth  with natural toothpaste and use natural deodorant. Its easy for me to use coconut oil as a moisturizer and chew xylitol sweetened gum, Or not chew gum at all. Its easy for me to make coconut milk ice cream when I want a treat instead of Cold Stone Creamery making it for me. its easy for me to lift heavy things, do yoga and sprint once in a while. I've been doing this all for years. And every year it gets easier. But there is one thing that still stresses me out. Actually Two. And I had to identify it on my own and so did Lindz. Im sure we will talk about these stressors sooner or later. But for right now, they are both pretty personal for us. I am normally an open book on this blog because I honestly could give a cute little butt about what people think of me. But Im not ready to air that laundry just yet. So here is what I decided to do. My Goals. My Dreams. My Solutions. 

Diet wise.
Add in more starchy carbs. Mainly to help sleep.. and recover from exercise and to make sure that my body isn't depleted and stressing out causing more adrenal exhaustion. Going too low carb is stressful on the body and if you aren't in a super healthy body, you need carb. No, Not crap processed carb. But whole food based carbs. Think sweet potato and banana. 
Cut out all night shades. Most people with auto immune disease can't tolerate nightshades because they are pretty inflammatory. I was dabbling in this for a little bit, but when Lindz and I went to Chipotle and had salsa and peppers.. my eyes got swollen, puffy and really red and the next day my eyes were still puffy and my hands were very swollen. That is a reaction that isn't good. 
Stick to an exercise regimen that will help tone, loose fat and not stress my body. (This is another blog coming soon)
Heal my leaky gut (Thats another blog too!)

Supplement wise
We both completely went over what we did and didn't need for gut health, adrenal health and general health. 
We budgeted to see what it would cost us per month. And laid out all the HIGHEST quality supplements that we need. Im pretty pumped to get started on this regimen, Just sayin! Something about fermented cod liver oil shots before bed sounds like a great plan. Can I get a "Paleo Probs" ?

Lifestyle wise.
Lindsay's were different then mine. But mine are as follows
Turn off electronics a couple hours before bed. 
Breathing exercises a couple of times a week. 
Go out in nature a couple of times a week. 
Turn off my cell phone all day at least one day a week.
Get rid of "Toxic" men. 
Follow my dreams. Literally. And I am doing it every day. 

At the end of the day. Paleo FX 2013 was well worth it. We met a ton of Paleo "Celebrities" and learned so much. Even if learning that Lindsay is my best friend and I dont know how I lived with out her was the only thing I learned. (Which it wasn't, Thanks Christ Kresser;) This will be an annual trip for us and we couldn't be more excited about whats to come for our baby "healthfaithpaleo"


I know. I know. Its been a while. I hope you all still love me. Life is crazy busy for everyone. I feel as if you always are as busy as the amount of free time you have. I don't have kids or a family but I somehow don't have time for everything I want to have time for. As all of you know, I am on a healing journey. Fighting disease, Adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance should be a full time job in itself. As of late, I am working on healing, number one priority. Balance. How can I do it "all". And Happiness, or what I would rather have it called, contentment. Healing is innate. Your body CAN heal itself, You just have to let it. You have to give it the right nourishment, Whether it is from food, rest or laughter. It all works as one. When I started this blog it was meant to help people. Now I realize that it really is just helping me. Helping me heal. Helping me help others. Doing Gods will. I was driving the other day, getting lost in my thoughts and I thought about everything I have been through and how much of a struggle it has been. All of a sudden I said out loud that I would never take it back. I wouldnt take back the people I have helped because of it. I wouldnt take back the things I have learned. I wouldnt take back the money Ive spent, the tears Ive cried... A lot of tears... or the stress of it all. God did NOT  "do this to me because I can handle it" I know that the GOOD LORD doesnt hurt his children. That is child abuse and he is against that. But what I do know is that he took a terrible situation and turned it around for the better. He has brought the amazing people in my life to help me. He has taught me things that I couldnt read or learn from a book. He has guided my path to being a  health coach. They say that if you have read five or more books on a certain subject you are considered an "expert" Well, I am an expert on healing.  Five years ago I wouldve said that being a hairstylist is my whole life. Not today. Not anymore. I am on a new path. A new life. A new me. I am healing. Every single day. Your body can heal, you just have to let it. You HAVE to listen to your body. Listen to God. And listen to your heart. You know that "gut feeling". I call that a GOD feeling. You can take steps today to start healing. Keep healing and keep going. 
*First things first.
Eat. Real. Food
Shop on the outside of the grocery store. Eat fresh veggies, a TON of them. Eat protein from clean sources. Healthy fats, some fruit. Little starch. Listen to what your body is wanting to eat that is REAL food. Not crap food. And you all know what that is. 
Sleep. Sleep and Sleep. 
In a cool dark room, clutter free and electronic free. Turn off your cell phone, Computer and any light source late at night. Try to sleep before ten and wake up when its light (If you can)
Get adjusted. Preferably by a Maximized Living Chiropractor.
When there is no interference in your spine, your brain can tell your body how to heal, where it needs healing. Heal Heal Heal. (http://www.healthfaithlove.com/1/category/chiropractic/1.html) Check this blog for more about how to heal with Chiropractic. Im amazed as how it has helped.
Supplement and Detox when needed.
Digestion needs to be perfect. If it isn't. Start with healing your gut. Bloating, IBS and indigestion are not normal. 
Supplement with whats right for you. For me its adrenal supports, vitamin C, D3, Juice Plus and Digestive aids. 
Relax and laugh and find a balance. 
This is what I am working on right now. I am a fiery girl who knows what she wants, needs and WILL get. I sometimes get OCD about things and need to learn to let go, Disconnect and balance. 
Get outside, laugh. Get lost in a great book while In a magnesium bath. Light candles, Make coconut milk ice cream. Do what helps you relax. 

Relax. Refresh. Reassess. 

I now have a facility where I can do one on one nutrition, healing and health coaching. Contact me for more information if you are in my area and would like to personally meet with me. 

My life is going in the direction of my dreams with out me even trying and I LOVE IT! 
God is faithful


"Your Body Has An Innate Ability To Heal Itself. You Just Have To Let It."
The truth about fat loss Part 2…. Keeping Track.

 According to Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain, some of the main benefits of following the Paleo Diet include weight loss, boosted energy levels and reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic illness. With a paleo lifestyle I personally have almost completely healed my hashimotos disease, estrogen dominance and adrenal fatigue. When it comes to paleo and fat loss I feel there is this gray area where the pale-o-sphere is unclear. First, Calories. They say eat a paleo template and you will loose weight without having to count calories. Sure, you CAN loose weight if you are really in tune with your hunger, don't snack and don't mindlessly eat, exercise CORRECTLY (See The Truth about fat loss Part 1) But I feel you need to hold yourself accountable for what your intake vs. output is. If you are a desk job worker, that doesn't exercise and decides to go paleo while consuming 3 cans of full fat coconut milk a day,  handfuls of nuts and lots of fruit just because its "Paleo"  that might make it pretty difficult to loose fat. On the other hand, you could be a heavy lifter/sprinter and or athlete who does correct exercise but doesn't re fuel correctly. This meaning being too strict and not using low sugar fruits and paleo starch. Your muscles need some carb fuel for recovery. This is all on a listen to your body basis.  Personally I have been on both sides of this fine line of paleo living. When I first went paleo,  I ate as much "paleo" food I wanted. I didn't exercise because I was letting my adrenal glands heal (When in all reality that was doing more harm than good) and I GAINED 10 pounds.  Sure, there were nights of too much wine and late night eating with my best friend, and way too much dairy. But, I was using the 80/20 rule, Right? (If you don't know what that means, Read Mark Sission's book The Primal Blueprint) I am finally back to the size I was BEFORE my thyroid and adrenal glands crashed. Its been work. Very HARD work. But its WORKING.  Paleo says to avoid starchy carbs and too much fruit when you are trying to loose fat. Minimal fruits and veggies should be your carb source. Personally, after a heavy lifting day if I don't consume some type of a carb I get exhausted, crabby, and extremely hungry. When I first started back on the working out train I was only using fruit as my carb source and I honestly was afraid of starchy carbs. I FEEL better when I add in a big sweet potato post work out, once in a while. Or  I make a smoothie with greens powder, banana, blueberries and protein powder. After researching and listening to some podcasts I realized that a starchy carb post work out is great. Lately I also have been eating more carbs in general. I eat a banana before bed at night and it helps me sleep. Sure this goes against everything we've been taught about not eating carbs at night, but thats for my next blog!


Yes, I count them.

Hear me out and don't kick me off of your paleo top 5 just yet. When it comes to fat loss, There DOES need to be a deficit. You DO need to burn more then you consume in order to loose fat. Yes hormones, sleep and stress reduction do matter MORE  THAN CALORIES. But, I was at a state of severe adrenal fatigue. Thats a major stressor and stress makes you tired, HUNGRY and crave things. I do believe thats how I gain 10 pounds when I first went paleo. I was stressed and literally starving all the time. It is the worst thing I've ever been through. So through all of that I started to depend on food to make me feel better. I was for sure consuming more than I was burning. I wasn't exercising at all because I was exhausted and depressed. I for sure was not eating enough carbohydrate either. If your hormones are out of balance and your sleep is terrible and you count calories, chances are you wont loose fat and you will be miserable. But now sleep. I try to be in bed before 10p and if I need a nap and I have a chance to nap, I do it! My hormones are better than they were and I am constantly working to balance them. Im walking, lifting heavy, sprinting and feeling great. Im not starving like I used to be and I do believe that intermittent fasting has helped a great deal with that, along with 3 square meals a day and MAYBE a snack. Im more or less using a fitness calculator as a guide because I am an athlete. If I feel terrible I like to be able to look at what I did or didn't eat and try to change it the next day. If I wake up in the middle of the night starving, I want to be able to look back and see if I even ATE ENOUGH.. Believe me if I am hungry. I EAT! There have been days where I new I needed more fuel. I could tell my body needed more, even if my kind of annoying food tracker told me I didn't. There also have been casualties of gelato, trail mixes, dark chocolate, Peanut butter & wine!  I use all of this as a guide to make sure I am where I feel the best.

If you are having trouble with fat loss, keep track of what you are, or aren't eating. You might need some more fat/carb/protein or you might need less. It all depends on you and how active you are.

I have recently purchased a bodybugg to see how many calories I was actually burning. Im one of those people who have to see it to believe it. And to my surprise.. I am burning way more than I thought. I actually need to be EATING MORE, in order to loose more fat. I was in a severe deficit and when you are burning that much and not eating enough it can slow or even stop you thyroid from working and it tells your body to hold on to fat because its in famine. So I have upped my calories by 500, mostly from good fats and some more carbs. I always haven't had a problem getting adequate protein. There is always chilled chicken and salmon in my fridge for easy protein sources. Sometimes its a struggle just to get these calories in. But, I've managed with coconut milk ice cream, lots of avocado, and broccoli salad with home made paleo mayo!

I lift heavy.

I sprint.

I walk. 

I relax. 

I sleep.

I intermittent Fast. 

I eat 3 square meals a day, sometimes a greens shake for a snack.

I go in the sun. Without protection!

I laugh. 

I dream.

In the end, I am listening to my body. And thats what Paleo is turning into. This is working for me for fat loss. What works for me, might not work for you, and thats a journey that you will have to take. I am here to help and offer advice, options and opinions. God has given me an amazing opportunity to help others eat his food, and live a healthy life. Thats what I am MEANT to do. Its my will.

Be blessed. 



For the last almost two years I have been on a road to recovery. A road to optimal health. Notice how I didn't say "perfect" health? Because your health can always get better and you can always heal more and more. I want to be optimal. I want to thrive and be all I can be in this fat, sick and dying society we live in. I want people to LOOK at me and say, " I want to do what she does" Just by the way I look. Happy, healthy,glowing,dedicated,strong,faithful.  I did have to take time off from working out. My adrenal glands had crashed so bad that I would go for a short walk and I would have to take a nap when I got home. Half of my adrenal crash had to do with the fact that I was over trained, over gluten-ed,soy-ed,dairy-ed,sugar-ed and all that in between. I feel like when I talk to people about eating a paleo way and primal/paleo exercise, they think that it only pertains to people with adrenal and thyroid problems. It does NOT. It pertains to everyone. So everyone can be optimal. You need to eat real food,  and exercise the correct way. Then comes fat loss, clear skin, good digestion, great sleep, great energy and everything in between. Exercise should create a hormonal response that is optimal for fat loss. Cardio, in long durations, like running, or spending too much time on an elliptical does not create a hormonal response for FAT loss. There is more to training then cardio. There are different forms of cardio. Long HIGH intensity cardio sessions produce a stress response in the body by over producing cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that stores fat, promotes hunger and also promotes inflammation. If you have/had or are recovering from adrenal fatigue, long duration cardio is not your friend and will only suppress your recovery. At one time I was a cardio queen. I spent hours and hours on the treadmill and eliptical. I stressed my body and over trained so much that eventually my adrenal glands couldn't handle the negative hormonal response. Low-mid level/leisurely walking,biking,hiking is going to be the best for FAT loss, along with some interval or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) If you have been struggling to loose fat and keep ramping up your cardio. Take a step back. Go for long walks, hikes and leisure bike rides. Keep your eating paleo. Rest and recover and see if that helps your fat loss. Notice how I never say WEIGHT loss. Its about FAT loss, not weight. And Muscle weighs more then fat...
This is my "cardio" routine.

I try to walk, at an easy pace about 4-5 hours a week. Most weeks its about 3-4 hours. But I am not counting in the fact that I am a hairstylist in a big salon and I walk a lot at work!

ONE day a week I spend on an elliptical for no more then 30 mins, including warm up and cool down (10 mins total) I go for an all out hard run for one min, then I recover for how ever long I have to for my heart rate to come down, then I do another HIIT for a minute. I normally put the resistance pretty high for my intense minute. Sometimes I get on the floor and do Ab exercises while I am recovering from the intense minute, because for me, I would keep going hard if I physically didnt make myself get off the elliptical. This stems from my "Chronic" cardio days. I do this for about 20 mins, and Im done. This is about the most "cardio"I do for the week!

Next week I will talk about weight lifting for fat loss. The Primal/Paleo way, of course. 


Life can change, People can change, and our health can change, about as fast as we can blink. My dad said to me last week, "Its life, it changes, and it can go right back the other direction as fast as it went this direction." I've always said that God will put the right people in your life at just the right time. Even if its for a couple weeks of happiness or a single moment of bliss. When life changes its our time to take control. When life changes for the greater, we adapt with a smile, we have an extra bounce in our step and there is a certain "glow" that people wont stop talking about. When it changes for the worse, it can take us flat out on our face. And its our time to adapt. Its our time to remember that there is always a new beginning to be had. I wish I would keep count of how many "new beginnings" I've had. It could be something that helps me get through a stressful period when I feel like the sun can't shine. It will always shine again and we can always breathe, pray and relax in the fact that everything happens for a reason. As humans, we don't deal with change very well. That stress on our body can wreak havoc. In the least. Stress can mess with sleeping patterns, digestion, hunger, cravings and mood swings. So what is there to do? 
Personally, I sleep more. Adrenal fatigue can come and go, and when it comes I can tell. I get pain from my adrenal glands and it knocks me out on my face. Sleep, rest and relaxation helps a lot. Whenever there is a chance that I can take a nap I do it. Even if I can't fall asleep, I lay in bed under my heated blanket and start relaxing at my toes. Start by only thinking about your toes, think about relaxing nothing but your toes. Move from your toes to your feet and then to your ankles, calves, etc. Thinking of NOTHING but relaxing that certain part of your body and don't move on to the next part of your body until the one you are thinking about is completely relaxed. Move from the tips of your toes all the way to the top of your head. Feel as if you are floating in the air or on a cloud. Think of NOTHING and relax and recharge your body.
Drink more water. Stress can tighten up your body as much as physical exercise can. Its important to detox with fluids. Add lemon to your water and if you have a knot in your stomach from stress drink some mineral water with lemon, lime and stevia. It tastes like 7up!
Cut down on sugars and eat more protein and greens. Not knockin' fruit completely, but be aware of things that are in your diet that are turning into sugar. Even sweet potatoes, fruit, honey and squash can turn to sugar that leads to inflammation, inflammation is very stressful on the body. Which is why most of us subscribe to an anti-inflamatory diet. Which is a paleo diet/lifestyle. Stick to low sugar berries, low glycemic fruits such as apples, and strawberries. Keep it closer to the morning hours and have a nice dinner of good protein, good fat and some greens. Lunch should always have lots of greens and some good carb like a big salad with chicken and berries! Remember to nourish your body all the time, but especially in stressful times. Don't run for the "comfort" foods like dark chocolate and Paleo desserts. This will not help your situation.
Keep up with all adrenal/thyroid supplements and add any additional stress reducing herbs. I've been taking Holy Basil capsules. And HOLY wow. Its been helping with relaxation, sleep and hunger. When there is excess cortisol (The stress hormone) it causes hunger and cravings. Ive been taking it morning, noon and evening due to a high period of stress I am going through right now.
Exercise the right way. Do what you can. Burst training, interval training or HIIT training, whatever you fancy, is the best form of exercise for everyone, especially ones who suffer from adrenal fatigue. Yoga is always a great way to relax. I would suggest doing yoga and leisurely walking in times of great stress. Bikram yoga is my favorite, but whatever works for you will be a great stress relief. 

And as always remember to breathe and pray. God is still God. Today, yesterday and tomorrow. Trust. 


Holy Whoa. Thats how my 2012 started. Im still coming out of the "totally and completely shocked" phase. What happened? I was having anxiety, heart palpitations, mood swings. Severely. Like all-I-wanted-to-do-was-cry. I knew something was up and I did not like it. My Dr and I have a very close relationship, which is why I love him. And why we need more doctors like him in this world. I think that week I emailed back and forth with him more then I did my best friend. We had to figure this out. After a few (okay maybe like 343,455,476,452) emails. Me crying and praying, like I always do, and spending most of the week, being exhausted. Calling in sick to work one day and staying on the couch. I knew I had to go see him. I told my wonderful Mama that she HAD to come with me because I didn't know what to do, ask or say. At this point I had been going to all my doctor appointments by myself. She wouldn't have missed it for the world. That woman likes to get stuff done! 
Fast forward a few days. Im feeling a little better. Knowing I was going to see my doctor in a few days, resting a lot and knowing I would see my family most of the weekend helped. My Daddy rescued me, once again because of a flat tire. Us chasing down a tire all over Milwaukee let me just relax, laugh and know that he's always there for me no matter what. That in itself was comforting.  I packed up, most of my apartment..... and headed back home.
So my Mom and I headed to the Dr on Friday morning. We prayed most of the way there. Mom said "Okay, lets pray." "But, Sarah, you HAVE to keep your eyes open while driving!" 
My Dr told me to head on into the room. Because this place has been a home to me for the last year, I kind of do what I want when I get there! So after sitting down and talking with him, explaining things that were happening, He said... "You wanna know my opinion?" Of course I wanted his opinion. He has seen me through this entire process, he was the first person to tell me to go paleo/primal and has seen my entire crash/recovery.  Of course I wanted his opinion, why did he even ask?! I replied with "Yes!" He said, "You are healed! You look great, your skin is clear, your hair is full and shiny and your nails are strong!" You DONT need thyroid medication anymore, you.are.healed! He said keep eating the "right" diet...(PALEO), take your vitamins and stop taking your thyroid meds!
Here comes the HOLY WHOA! Im.... HEALED?! All this hard work, prayer, faith has finally paid off! This literally just sank in today. I was in such shock for a few days that I was just taking a moment to let it all soak in. I CURED A DISEASE!!!! 
Im pretty sure this will help my self confidence when people think I'm "crazy" for the way I eat and live. I can just look at them and say "When was the last time you saw someone cure a disease eating processed food, McDonalds and  The "Standard american diet of NO fat/high carb?"  Gods heals and answers prayers. Jesus died so we were healed, by his stripes. (Isaiah 53, 4-5) God gives you wisdom and the right people in your life to help you on your health, or whatever journey you are on. Gods food heals. Chiropractic CURES. Paleo/Primal can reverse and prevent disease. I am LIVING PROOF!

Love you all. 
Thank you for the support over the last 17 months. 

So my story began about a year ago, after being diagnosed with hasimotos disease, estrogen dominance and adrenal fatigue. I decided to go "Paleo" "Primal" "Low Carb" What have you. I wasn't very strict paleo, and by that I mean, I was still eating some conventional meats, packaged salad dressings with questionable ingredients and I was still eating dairy in the forms of cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream and butter. I wasn't drinking... that.... much..... I was only drinking wine, whats wrong with wine, Right? And only eating french fries from McDonalds after a long night of dancing my pants off with my best friend. Looking back I dont regret this one bit. Yes, sometimes life is  cut too short and I am so happy I have those memories of her and I dancing and laughing and not having a care in the world. I look back on those nights of dancing and laughing or sleeping in her bed after having wine and ice cream for her birthday and I don't regret it one bit. But, I wasn't healed at that point, and all these little "cheats" were only setting back my healing process. A paleo/Primal blueprint lifestyle is a healing lifestyle. It gets rid of anything that is going to harm your body or pull nutrients out. Some might say that conventional meat and some dairy products aren't  "that bad". Well, Im on a mission of healing. When I eat conventional meat, and by this I mean non organic meats, from lets say, a restaurant or a party serving sausage and cheese, thats considered cheating on my "diet". I wouldn't expect anyone to start taking adrenal support vitamins and supplements while still eating a terrible diet and heal their adrenal glands. I wouldn't expect anyone to change one thing and change their life. Its all about a whole lifestyle approach. Mind, Body and Spirit. About a month ago I stopped eating dairy, or casein in all forms. I started playing more words with friends and exercising my brain. I revamped my supplements. (Less is more) And I started talking to God more then I ever have. I went for a  relaxing walk today in the bright shining sun and I was talking to God, Yes, out loud. I remembered back to the years where I thought my Mom was talking to herself. Not gonna lie, I thought it was a little crazy. Now I just realize that she was talking to God. Most of the time I would yell up the stairs or down the stairs and say "Are you talking to yourself, again?!" Last week I heard it, smiled, and thanked God that I have such a wonderful mother who is constantly praying for me and telling the Devil to get OUTTA HERE! This is a healing lifestyle, I repeat, lifestyle. So I have gone completely paleo, as of now. I am sure I will add in grass fed butter and some goat milk products sooner or later. But for now, my skin is the clearest its been in years. I am sleeping like nobody's business, I have amazing amounts of energy, I feel so healthy it makes me want to shout. My thyroid medication has been cut in HALF! Yes! LET ME REPEAT, MY THYROID IS WORKING AGAIN AND I AM HEALING, ALL OF MY HORMONES ARE BALANCING OUT. This didn't happen over night. So dont expect it to. Be patient and kind to your body. I haven't had any alcohol since July, and I've been a hermit so I can get enough sleep at night. And thats okay, because I am healing. This will not be forever. I look forward to having a great glass of wine and some dark chocolate one day. Just not today. I am transitioning back into working out and I plan to shed lots of fat and building sexy muscle. "Strong is the new skinny" We should say "Strong is the new healthy." I will still eat my paleo ways. Ill still get adjusted by my chiropractor and I'll still see my adrenal specialist and take my adrenal support vitamins. This is a lifestyle of mind body and spirit. Stress less, sleep more, eat Gods food, get adjusted and be happy. Do things that make you laugh and do things that make you happy. 

Sometimes life in itself is a breath of fresh air.
These might sound like a few words that seem "foreign" to you. Well, if you have hypo-thyroid, hashimotos disease, adrenal fatigue, one or the other, or you are "self diagnosing" yourself based on symptoms...these are words that should become familiar to you. Not because you have to "deal" with the way your body is functioning at the moment, but because if you know whats going on in your body, you CAN do the things you need to do to heal and not live with this the rest of your life! Any thyroid disorder is characterized as an auto-immune disease, or an inflammatory disease. Hashimotos is an auto immune disease where your body builds anti-bodies against your thyroid. Inflammation causes leptin resistance. Inflammation  stops T4 to T3 conversion in the liver and stops your thyroid from functioning properly (despite "normal" labs) This is why I tell my friends and family that they need to get a few different thyroid labs drawn before they let their doctor tell them they are "normal." Too much estrogen can effect thyroid production as well, and that will not show up on a thyroid lab!  After Leptin resistance comes adrenal resistance. Cortisol is the stress hormone that the adrenal glands produce in a "fight or flight" situation. It releases cortisol in order to "run away from the tiger" in a "stressful" situation. For the short term, thats okay. But when you are constantly stressed from emotional stress, physical stress, like infections, dehydration, too much sugar, which  causes inflammation.  Eating too much sugar and carbs it causes more inflammation more insulin production and stresses the adrenal glands even more. Its important to focus on the adrenals for hormone function throughout the body. The cortisol will suppress TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) Making the TSH low  and it will not stimulate the thyroid making it low and slow. Cortisol will also suppress the conversion of thyroid hormones. Making your metabolism low and slow.

So here is a recap. Inflammation in the body can cause some serious damage. Too many carbohydrates and sugars cause inflammation that will lead to leptin resistance, insulin resistance (Because you produce so much insulin to combat the sugar and carbs that your body will become used to tons of insulin) the stress of that (and other things like chronic cardio) will lead to an adrenal disfunction that produces too much cortisol. That will suppress your thyroid. This is why I promote a primal/paleo lifestyle for everyone from babies to old men with high cholesterol, because cholesterol becomes elevated from too much inflammation, NOT FROM TOO MUCH CHOLESTEROL IN THE DIET (but thats for another post) So go eat some REAL butter, stop stressing, nourish your body and become balanced.

Much love!